Jeffrey Hansen

       Jeff became serious about his work in 1988 and went on to receive his Bachelors in Fine Arts from the College of Visual Arts in Saint Paul.

From 1993 to 1998 he concentrated most of his work in abstract painting with side projects of photography, assemblage sculpture, and furniture making. He started a series of fairly large paintings of color washes in 1993 that brought him to begin a darker series of large paintings in 1996 which incorporated the use of sand mixed into paint. Called ‘Elements of Saint Paul’ he used the fine sand found along the sandstone cliffs of the Mississippi River based near Mounds Park in Saint Paul to create thick structures of bold dark colors.

   Starting in 1997 he abandoned the ‘Elements’ series and removed the addition of sand to use a more painterly approach to his abstract compositions. This was a fairly prolific stage of painting where he created over 100 paintings.

   In the summer of 1998 on a fishing trip to Manitoba, Canada, he discovered another talent; nature photography.  Painting then took a back seat to a new career path.

   From 1999 to about 2006 his concentration was in film based nature photography where much of his time was spent traveling to

Lake Superior, regional State Parks, and Nature Reserves.

   In late 2007 through the Spring of 2012, he focused on painting again by exploring a more painterly approach to Abstract Expressionism. However, after an increased passion for nature photography was rebuilt from mid 2012 to late 2016, he again kept the painting of any canvases at bay.


Concentrating on abstract painting again to start 2017, his renewed take on a couple of old ideas is creating a body of work that takes inspiration from his very early color washes while applying the concept of thickness from the ‘Elements’ series, reaching new visions, canvases, and possibilities.

Inside Out

July 2017