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Jeffrey Hansen

Visual artist Jeffrey Hansen has lived and worked in the art community of Lowertown, St. Paul since 1994.

In 1991 while attending the College of Visual Arts he opened his own workshop and studio in the downtown area of White Bear Lake. An array of unique painterly techniques and years of travel in the area of his practice in nature photography has lead to where he is today within his artistic career of abstract painting and mixed media.

Following three decades of experimentation, evolving practices, and a re-discovery of circular motifs, today he is concentrating on his own concepts and minimalist techniques of abstract expressionism in non-subjective symbolism and geometric form. Jeff’s renewed take on various artistic methods and disciplines is creating a body of work that conveys a new vision of artistic interpretation and iconographic value.


Quote: “A certain energy, form, function, and connection is created through both visual and emotional interaction of the piece while creating it, and when it feels right for the moment it completes itself before me.”

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