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Jeffrey Hansen

Life time artist Jeffrey Hansen has lived and worked in Lowertown, St. Paul, Minnesota since 1994. However, his artistic endeavors started before that; circa 1991, while living in White Bear Lake and attending the College of Visual Arts he opened his own workshop and studio in the downtown area of White Bear. Jeff graduated in 1993 with a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts with major studies in painting, photography, and printmaking, and minor studies in sculpture, design, and furniture making.

   Jeffrey's influence is strongly paralleled with the Abstract Expressionist movement as a catalyst in creating his works. During his studies of Fine Art he fell in love with the evolution, processes, works, and philosophies of this era.  Primarily concentrated within a creative process of discoveries that utilizes a building up or breaking through of multiple layers, leaving some things to guess and chance while allowing certain freedoms of the medium to emerge with an anticipated balance of control that is an unknown, yet, intentional factor of the process. 

   In most of his artistic practice he's looked to enjoy and create pieces that emulate erosion and spontaneity in some manner or another, sometimes of the whole, or just as parts of a whole. Focusing on expressive painterly mark-making in patterns, shapes, and textures. In 2018 he discovered an ability to insert fairly precise circular shapes into the structures of his works. Conjointly having a fascination by the shape of a circle and all its symbolism he's been applying the shape of a circle to convey an idea of infinity and of time. Circles and/or loops span within these latest artworks with many different sizes, colors, and repetition forming abstracted subjective symbols while utilizing textures that emulate the timeless effects of erosion.


Quote - “A certain energy, form, function, and connection is created through both visual and emotional interaction of the piece while creating it, and when it feels right for the moment it completes itself before me."

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