Abstract Paintings & Mixed Media: Non- Zero-Sum series...on going...

"Non-Zero-Sum" is a unique visual journey of discovery and personal symbolism. The shape of a circle has many symbolic meanings and visual metaphors that stretch across many cultures. These circles span within a designed space with ghostly broken textures and depth as they form these metaphors and symbolizms differently for each viewer.

The title ‘Non-Zero-Sum’ refers to situations usually found within parameters of game theory and economic theory. A non-zero-sum “game” generally has no universally accepted solution. That is, there is no single optimal strategy that is preferable to all others, nor is there a predictable outcome, which closely parallels my painting process. A non-zero-sum conflict, as it were, has odds of both complementary and completely opposed motives, such as any abstract artist’s work and the art viewer. The engagement of circular design and simplistic overall composition brings a potentially beneficial relation to something that is abstract yet bent in metaphor and symbolism that could be grounded in a reality. Hence, a circle here symbolizes the totality or infinity of subjectivity lost or found within the abstraction.

Statement from the artist:


"I use a variety of techniques and materials to create my artworks which are generally predetermined to start by incorporating shapes such as circles, loops, rectangles, and some elements of line application are compositionally positioned beforehand. Then with a specialized process of building up or breaking through multiple layers, leaving some things to guess and chance, I allow certain freedoms of the medium to emerge from this technique with an anticipated balance of control that is an unknown, yet, intentional factor of my process. The process of making the piece itself, will guide its own direction to those freedoms; freedoms of never ending expression set in a marvelous marriage of unknown trust factors that the medium possesses and the precision in which the shapes take place in the composition.

 A certain energy, form, function, and connection is created through both visual and emotional interaction of the piece while creating it, and when it feels right for the moment it completes itself before me.

 The optimal end result shows how chaos and order share that space and ultimately our world. How equal or unequal that encounter may be; is left to you, the viewer, to imagine."